2 Peter 2:1-3
 But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

Jesus Christ( the God- man, 2nd person in the trinity, son of God) is the Only way (John 14:6) and these teachers, religions deny this directly by getting the gospel wrong.

Do you know and truly believe the gospel - http://www.stand4thelord.com/p/the-gospel-only-good-news-and-only.html

False Teachers(List will be updated as we point them out for God's glory and to warn others)

1. Joyce Meyer
2. Joel Osteen
3. Creflo Dollar
4. Benny Hinn
5. T.D Jakes
6. Kerrigan Skelly
7. Paula White
8.  Dean Saxton- U of A false street preacher
9. Art Heinz of Hope Harbor Church 
10. The Pope 
11.  Reverend Beth Rambikur of First United Methodist Church of Tucson
12. AJ "HolyGhostFire" Hicks
13. Marcus Rogers of Facebook
14. Jesse Morrell
15. Soul Harbor Church in Belleview FL
16. Daniel Duval and Bride Ministries
17. Team Jesus Preachers
18. Ross Jackson
19. Jed Smock
20. Jim Wallis
21. Sharon E. Watkins
22. Traci Blackmon
23. Mary Kate Morse
24. Ruben Israel
25. Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN)
26. Christian Broadcast Network(CBN)
27. Victor Hafichuk of thepathoftruth.com
28. Dr. Neil of Cathedral of hope in Dallas Texas
29. David Uth
30. Kevin B. Willis and Linda Willis of New Life memphis
31. Charles Stanley of First Baptist in Northern Atlanta
32. Mark Willis and Erin Wathen of St Andrew Christian Church
33.  Darwin Fish of atruechurch.info
34. Westboro Baptists
35. Louis Farrakan
36. Al Sharpton
37. Nathaniel and Candace Curry of candeerue.com
38. G Craige Lewis and Ex-ministries
40. Brian Houston
41. Hillsong
42. Jesus Culture
43. Erica Jacques of YouTube
44. Kenneth Copeland
45. Unfundamentalist Christians - Dan Wilkinson and John Shore
46. Arnold Murray of Shepherd's Chapel
47. William Branham
48. "Apostle' John Eckhardt
49. Andy Stanley
50. "Apostle" Laura Lee
53. Steve Anderson
54. Anita Fuentes
55. "Apostle" Tim Sheets
56. Barbara J. Roder and  Shekinah Regional Apostolic Center
57. Jeff Jansen
58. Juanita Bynum
59. T.B Joshua
60.Katherine Kumar
61. Sarah Omakwu
62. Carl Lentz
63. Brian Carn
64. Jen Hatmaker
66.Beth Moore
67.Rick Warren
68. Ravi Zacharias
69. Priscilla Shirer
70. Kim Burrell 
71. One Accord Ministries- Allan Sheppard and Level Martinez
72. Christine Caine
73. David Novitsky
74. Ralph Yankee
75. John Crowder
76.  Roderickus Pickens
77. Henry Ivory
78. John Gray
79.Lisa Bevere
80. Jonathan Cahn
81. Martin Luther King Jr.
82. C.S Lewis
83. John Piper
84. Johnny Stover
85. John Macarthur
86. Matt Slick/CARM
87.Steve Lawson
88. Ray Comfort
89.Voddie Baucham
90.  Tony Miano
91.Billy Graham
92. R.C Sproul
93. Ricky Gantz
94. Ryan Denton
95. Jackie Hill Perry
96. Josh Buice
97.Tony Miano
98. Bobby Mcreery 
99. John Calvin
100. Scott Price
101. Sonny Hernandez
102. Bill Parker
103. James Tippins


    Cult List/Heretical Groups that teach false gospels

1. Mormonism
2. Jehovah Witnesses
3. Roman Catholicism
4. Seventh Day Adventists
5. Black Hebrew Theology
6. Church of Christ
7. Apostolic/Oneness Pentecostals
8. Christian Science
9. United Church of God
10. Assemblies of Yahweh 
11. Christadelphianism 
12. First United Methodist Church of Tucson
13.Christian Church- Disciples of Christ
14. United Church of Christ
15. Cathedral of hope
16.  Metropolitan Community Church
17. First Baptist Church Orlando
18. International Christian Church
19. Temple of Hip Hop
20. Bread House- Bethlehem Temple Church
21. Full Gospel Holy Temple
22. Kingdom now theology
23. Dominionism
24. The Charismatic/Pentecostal movement 
25. Armianism 
26. Universalism 
27. Southern Baptist Convention 
28. Presbyterianism  
False gospels

1. Islam
2. Wicca
3. Atheism/Agnoticism 
4. Baha'i
5. Nation of Islam
6. Hip Hop as a religion
7.Zulu Nation
8. Scientology
9. Hinduism
10. Buddhism

False churches that teach false gospels

1. African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E)
2. United Methodist Church
3. Church of America Wesleyan
4. Episcopal Church
5. Presbyterian Church USA
6. Christ the King- United Church of Christ
7. The Well Christian Community Church
8. Heritage International Christian Church in RadCliffe Kentucky
9. Impact Church of Tampa
Movements/Teachings that are not biblically sound, are false gospels and also are false and/or promote legalism

1. Hebrews Roots movement

2. The KJV Only movement 

3. Lordship salvation

4. Free grace theology

False popular teachings -
1. Infant Baptism

Parachurch Organizations that teach false gospels

1. Intervarsity.org/the well