"Target Stores recently announced that customers can now use the bathroom of their "identity." In other words, men can use the women's bathroom, and women can use the men's bathroom (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/04/20/...).

So, Tony visited his local Target. He entered the store, purchased a Kit Kat candy bar, and asked the cashier if he could receive the employee discount on his purchase, because he wants to SELF-IDENTIFY as a Target employee.

The video depicts what happened next.

There is hope for those in the LGBT community and those who give hearty approval to their love and practice of their sin. That hope is only found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus will set you free from your enslavement to sin--ALL sin. He will set you free, forgive your sin, and grant you the precious gift of eternal life. But you must come to Christ on HIS terms, not your own." - Tony Miano

To have your relationship restored with God and be saved from the wrath of God for your sins, you must believe the gospel- Here is the gospel - http://www.stand4thelord.com/p/the-gospel-only-good-news-and-only.html

Video and content is from http://www.crossencountersmin.com
God bless Tony and his ministry for this. Glory to God through Christ for this and most importantly the gospel.