This is very sad to see. Glenn Beck claims to know Christ but denies he is God when scripture is clear on Jesus Christ's divine nature. Exodus 3:14, John 8:58, Colossians 2:9. In addition to that , he denies God's triune nature(Matthew 3:16) and this is typical of the false Mormon faith which teaches there are three separate "gods". In this video, you find Mr. Beck trying to justify his rejection of essential truth like Jesus being God and part of the trinity making a relative truth argument and arguing you can still be a Christian which is impossible.  He states and I summarize "my truth is not the same as your truth. All that matters is Jesus is my savior". What is wrong with his statement and overall sentiment is that he worships a false Jesus because he denies Jesus is the second person in the trinity and is God. Those that know God know him in correct knowledge Hebrews 8:11. Please pray for his salvation. Here is a link exposing Mormonism -