"The question I believe I biblically answer in “Should she preach?” is should a Christian woman preach the gospel in the open air, in the public square? If not, to what extent should a Christian woman involve herself in public evangelism? If your answer to the questions is, “What difference does it make? Whether a Christian is a man or woman shouldn’t matter,” then you are not thinking biblically. If your answer to the questions is, “Evangelizing on the streets, in any manner, is no place for a Christian woman,” then you are not thinking biblically. To my sisters in Christ who will read this book: I love you. I want God’s very best for you. I want you to serve Christ Jesus our King to the best of your ability, through the unique Holy Spirit-enabled gifting He has assigned to you. And I want you to evangelistically serve Him—in the church, at home, at work, at school, and on the streets—with great joy. And I want to help you in this last area, your evangelistic service to Him, with my whole heart. I ask that you not judge this book by its cover. At the same time, I ask that you do not, please do not, read this book with an open mind. Read this book with an open Bible. I hope the presupposition you bring to this book and everything else you read is a simple one: “The Bible is true regardless of what I think or believe. I can be wrong; Tony can be wrong; but the Word of God is never wrong.” So, read this book to the very end with an eye on the Scriptures, with humility of mind, with a prayerful heart, while desiring to be conformed to the image of God’s Son—Jesus Christ, the Lord." From Tony Miano